Bachelor degree program

Possible study paths:
Dual-subject bachelor (Archaeology of the Greco-Roman and Byzantine World and another subject)
Mono-bachelor (focus on ancient cultures)

Standard period of study:
6 semester

Start of course:
Every winter term

Admission free

Study requirements:
180 Credits overall
First subject (archaeology): 66 C
Second subject (other subject): 66 C
Area of professionalisation: 36 C
Bachelor's thesis: 12 C

Election of a focus:
In the third semester, you can choose a focus on "Classical Archaeology" or "Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History". Following is the curriculum for the focus on "Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History".

Main Curriculum in the amount of 66 C:
B.KBA.201: Einführung in die griechische und byzantinische Archäologie (12 C, 8 SWS)
B.KBA.202: Einführung in die Römische Archäologie (12 C, 8 SWS)
B.KBA.203: Einführung in die griechische, römische und byzantinische Geschichte (6 C, 4 SWS)
B.KBA.204b: Kontexte (9 C, 6 SWS)
B.KBA.205b: Gattungen, Epochen, Regionen - Klassifikation (9 C, 6 SWS)
B.KBA.206b: Gattungen, Epochen, Regionen - Deutung (9 C, 6 SWS)
B.KBA.207b: Analyse und Interpretation (9 C, 6 SWS)

Optional module in the area of professionalisation:
B.KBA.301: Archäologische Praxis (4 C, 2 SWS)
B.KBA.302: Archäologische Methoden und Techniken (9 C, 4 SWS)
B.KBA.303: Forschungsprobleme der griechischen, römischen und byzantinischen Archäologie (9 C, 4 SWS)
B.KBA.304: Archäologische Befundsituation (8 C, 2 SWS)

Bachelor's thesis:
To apply for admission for the bachelor's thesis at least 50 C of the main curriculum are required. The processing time takes 12 weeks and the length is within 30 to 50 pages. The manufacturing of the reports can take up to 8 weeks. If you are going to apply for the master degree program at the University of Göttingen, you need to verify your bachelor certificate to the 15th of November.