SK.Bio.7002: Basic virology (3 C, 2 WLH)

Learning outcome, core skills: The students will become familiar with the architecture of viruses and will learn how these agents replicate and evade the immune response of the host. Moreover, it will be discussed how viruses cause disease and how this process can be prevented by antivirals and vaccines. The lectures will focus on important human pathogens, including HIV, influenza and herpesviruses. Upon successful completion of the module, the students will be able to classify viruses and will have an understanding of central mechanisms underlying virus replication and pathogenesis and their inhibition by therapy and vaccination.

Courses and examinations
Lecture: Basic virology (2 WLH)

Examination: written examination (45 minutes)
Examination requirements: The students must assess whether statements regarding basic aspects of virology, including virus classification, viral replication, virus-host interactions, pathogenesis, immune evasion and antiviral therapy and vacciantion, are correct.

28 h attendance time
62 h self-study time

Admission requirements

Recommended previous knowledge
Basic knowledge in Biology

Number of repeat examinations permitted

Course frequency
each semester

Recommended semester
3 - 6

1 semester


Maximum number of students

Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. Stefan Pöhlmann