Blog #11

16-17 MAY 2019

Environmental Law in Florence

The Jean Monnet Chair for European Union and Global Sustainable Development Through Law, in cooperation with the European University Institute, the University of Groningen (Netherlands), Uppsala University (Sweden) and the University of Maastricht (Netherlands) organized a Doctoral Seminar on Environmental Law hosted by the EUI in Florence on 16-17 May. The professors Marjan Peeters from the University of Maastricht, Joanne Scott from the EUI, Peter-Tobias Stoll from the University of Göttingen and Lorenzo Squintani from the University of Groningen as well as 11 PhD students from Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, China, Colombia and the UK participated in the seminar.

The seminar was focused on discussing research projects on International and European Environmental Law, such as International Cooperation and Assistance to Developing Countries on Climate Change Adaptation; Access to Justice in Environmental Matters; Overcoming Plaumann in EU environmental law; Integrated Permits in Environmental Law; The notion of rule of law in climate change mitigation: implications from the Paris Agreement; International Legal Protection of forests: Contributions from selected Multilateral Environmental Agreements; Offshore Oil and Gas Exploitation; Securing offshore energy investments; and The Legal Order of the Arctic Ocean.

1905 EUI Seminar Florence large

Participants (from left): Laura Wanner (Göttingen), Xiheng Chen (Maastricht), Agnes Hellner (Uppsala), Yilly Vanessa Pacheco (Göttingen), Malte Gutt (Göttingen), Prof. Lorenzo Squintani (Groningen), Prof. Peter-Tobias Stoll (Göttingen), Prof. Joanne Scott (EUI), Prof. Marjan Peeters (Maastricht), Lennart Wegener (Göttingen), Jaap Waverijn (Groningen), Margarita Nieves Zárate (Groningen) and Rebecca Williams (EUI)