Interactions between genomes - Prof. Dr. Stefan Scholten

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Biotechnological Applications and Genetic Analyses of Trait Variation in Rapeseed - Dr. Christian Möllers

BSc and MSc-theses can be written and submitted in German or English language

The following topics can currently be offered:

(1) SNP polymorphism and KASP marker application in rapeseed breeding
(2) Inheritance of clubroot resistance in rapeseed (at JKI Braunschweig)
(3) In vitro propagation and plantlet regeneration of Barbarea vulgaris, a species related to rapeseed
(4) Inheritance of seed size variation in rapeseed and its effect on seed quality
(5) Inheritance of seed fiber content in rapeseed
(6) Effect of reduced seed lignin concentration on seed, oil and protein yield in field experiments with rapeseed

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