New regulations from summer semester 2023 for the (compulsory) Business English module

The examination regulations for the Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration have been amended.
It is compulsory for all newly enrolled students of the Faculty of Business and Economics from summer semester 2023:

The 120 C of the second study section are composed as follows:
- Exactly 30 C in the area of "Business Administration Specialisation" (specialised studies),
- 30 to 66 C in the area of "Specialisation in Business Administration" (specialised studies),
- exactly 12 C in the area of "Specialisation in Economics" (specialised studies),
- 0 to 36 C in the "Elective Area" (professionalisation/key qualification) and
- exactly 12 C through the Bachelor's thesis.

This means:
According to the new examination regulations, 30 credits must be earned in the area of "Business Administration Specialisation".
There is NO longer a compulsory module required in the area of foreign business languages.
Language course modules totalling up to 18 C can be chosen. These can also be several different languages.
Modules for the languages German and the student's native language can still not be considered. From the language English, only the business courses I and II can be brought in.

This results in the following changes for all students who have already started their studies in winter semester 22/23 and before:

The modules SK.FS.EN-FW-C1-1 (Business English I) or SK.FS.EN-FW-C1-2 (Business English II) with 6 C each can be taken from the English language. However, they do not have to be taken.

Modules that have already been taken remain, but can also be moved to the optional additional subjects or exchanged completely.

If modules of the foreign language "Business English" are not taken, at least 30 credits and a maximum of 66 credits must be earned in the "Business Specialisation".
Only then can language modules from several languages up to 18 credits be taken in the free elective area. No further English modules.

An application for a change to the "new" examination regulations is not necessary for students already enrolled in WiSe 22/23. We will recognise whether to stick to the "old regulation" (24 credits in the specialisation AND compulsory module Business English) or the "new" regulation (30 credits in the specialisation WITHOUT compulsory module Business English) at the latest when an application is made for the certificate to be issued.

Newly enrolled students from summer semester 2023 onwards do NOT have the right to choose and must complete 30 credits in the area of "Business Specialisation".