Certificates, diplomas and graduation documents

Successfully completed all exams?

Once you have successfully completed all examinations and the results have been entered in FlexNow, you can apply for the issue of your degree certificate by email at the examinations office. Please provide your current (!) postal address, then the documents can be sent to you.

Please note the processing period of 4 weeks. Usually it is quicker, but especially during the holiday season there may be delays.

If you have taken more elective modules than necessary, please inform the Examinations Office which elective modules should be moved to the voluntary examination section.

Submodules are not listed.

Other supplementary certificates, if filed, will be issued upon application:

  • Hunter certificate
  • Proof of expertise in plant protection to apply for the certificate of expertise at the Chambers of Agriculture


No, neither the semester nor the duration of studies are written on the transcript. The date of the last examination is on the certificate.
It is not always possible to issue the final documents promptly in all cases. Please note that some of the examination dates are not until July/August and that the examiners and administrators must be allowed a reasonable processing period of up to 4 weeks in each case. In addition, July and August are typical holiday months. Therefore, plan your last semester in good time. Talk to the examiners about the earliest possible examination dates and report to the examination office in good time.
Modules that do not have a grade are excluded from the calculation of the final grade.
If you request your certificate by email, please provide a current postal address. Then the examination office can send you the documents. Please also remember to have the hunter's certificate and the proof of plant protection expertise issued if necessary - these documents are not created automatically.
Yes, you will also receive an English-language version of the transcript and degree certificate with your documents.