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CfP: Mapping the Territory: Exploring People and Nature, 1700-1830

Two conferences in Berne (21st to 23rd September 2017) and Göttingen (7th to 9th December 2017)

Simona Boscani Leoni and Dominik Hünniger invite contributions to either of two conferences taking place in Berne and Göttingen in autumn/winter 2017.

The conferences aim to analyse the exploration of the different "local natures" (natural history) and the discovery of "local inhabitants and their history" (ethnography and antiquarianism) from a comparative perspective in a period marked by an increase in scientific travels and expeditions around the world. It also wants to question the periodization of this "discovery of the indigenous". To do so, the conferences will bring together historians of natural history, ethnology and archaeology, from Europe and outside, engaged in studying sources generated in different political contexts (republics, monarchies, colonial rule etc.).

Please see the pdf for details.

Submission deadline: 20 January 2017


Frontispiece to: Carsten Niebuhr, Beschreibung von Arabien : Aus eigenen Beobachtungen und im Lande selbst gesammleten Nachrichten, Kopenhagen : Möller ; Leipzig : Breitkopf, 1772, SUB Göttingen, 4 H AS I, 5443


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