Charter „Familie in der Hochschule“ (Family Life and Academia)

To support the reconciliation of studies/ science career/ work and familiy-life, in 2014 the university signed the charter „Familie in der Hochschule“ (Family Life and Academia) and joined the Best-Practice-Club with the same name.

With its accession to the charter, the University committed itself to implement and develop the high standards of a family-friendly work environment. "By joining this charter we are setting a strong symbol for the work we have already been doing for many years. Creating a family-friendly environment is an important aspect in our University´s profile, as young researchers increasingly take it into account when choosing a workplace.” Said Prof. Dr. Beisiegel.

The University named the implementation of a family-friendly leadership- and work-culture, more flexibility in the framework for academic- and study-life as well as a demand-orientated expansion of childcare opportunities as the main developmental goals.

The Best-Practice-Club is a network with 113 Universities and higher education institutions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All members have many years of experience in initiating and implementing measures regarding the compatibility of work- and family-life. The Best-Practice-Club members develop concepts and measures regarding family-friendly infrastructure together. Numerous practice-based handouts, tools and guidelines have been developed within this network.

The University of Göttingen is a founding member of the Association “Familie in der Hochschule” (Family Life and Academia) – founded in 2018 by the Best-Practice-Club.