Colloquia 2012-2013


  • 09.07.2013 Charles Briggs: Diseases of Diversity? Making and Erasing Difference in U.S. News Coverage of Health
    Introduction and chair: Regina Bendix

  • 02.07.2013 Ewa Morawska: Comparing the Functioning of Ground-level Multiculturalism Across Time and Space: Report on Work in Progress
    Introduction and chair: Ewa Morawska / Jyotirmaya Sharma

  • 25.06.2013 Holmer Steinfath: Two Forms of Moral Obligation
    Introduction and chair: James Conant

  • 11.06.2013 Steve Vertovec: Conceiving and Researching Diversity
    Introduction and chair: Matthias Koenig

  • 04.06.2013 Annekathrin Schacht: Emotions in Language
    Introduction and chair: Gerhard Lauer

  • 28.05.2013 Solomon Benjamin: The Fear of Slums, the Non-Conforming, Land Mafias, and Corrupt Bureaucrats in India's Globalizing Urban
    Introduction and chair: Jyotirmaya Sharma

  • 14.05.2013 James Conant: How to Distinguish Varieties of Philosophical Skepticism
    Introduction and chair: Holmer Steinfath

  • 07.05.2013 Peter Gemeinhardt: Education and Religion in pre-modern Cultures: Current Research and New Perspectives
    Introduction and chair: Peter Van Nuffelen

  • 30.04.2013 Frank Rexroth: Monasticism and Scholasticism: A Complicated Relationship during the Twelfth Century
    Introduction and chair: James Conant

  • 23.04.2013 Bärbel Tischleder: The Politics and Aesthetics of Obsolescence
    Introduction and chair: William Uricchio

  • 16.04.2013 William Uricchio: Television before TV: Coming to terms with the televisual in the 19th and early 20th Centuries
    Introduction and chair: Bärbel Tischleder

  • 09.04.2013 Gert Westermann: Objects, Words, Sounds: Infants' Learning in Their First Year of Life

  • 05.02.2013 Jyotirmaya Sharma: Fidelity and Distortion: A narrative from nineteenth century India
    Introduction and chair: Martin van Gelderen

  • 29.01.2013 Bill Bell: Jerome in Antarctica: Reading at the Edge of the World
    Introduction and chair: Barbara Schaff

  • 22.01.2013
    Axel Wittmann: Astronomical History and Collection of the 'Sternwarte': An Overview
    Introduction and chair: Dominik Hünniger

  • 18.12.2012
    Lieve Van Hoof: Literature as an Entrance Ticket to the Senate. Constantius, Julian, and the 'Litterati' of the mid-fourth century A.D.
    Introduction and chair: Heinz-Günther Nesselrath

  • 11.12.2012
    Roy MacLeod: The Scientists Go to War: Questions, Contexts and Consequences, 1914-1918
    Introduction and chair: Christoph Viebahn

  • 04.12.2012
    Christoph Viebahn: Anatomical practice at Göttingen University since the Age of Enlightenment and the fate of victims from Wolfenbüttel prison under Nazi rule
    Introduction and chair: Roy MacLeod

  • 27.11.2012
    Marie Luisa Allemeyer, Roy MacLeod: The Göttingen Academic Collections: Past Treasures, Present Status and Future Perspectives
    Introduction and chair: Dominik Hünniger

  • 13.11.2012
    Martin van Gelderen: Reading Rembrandt: Visuality and Religious Toleration

  • 06.11.2012
    Peter Van Nuffelen: Performing values: acts and semantics in late ancient rituals
    Introduction and chair: Peter Gemeinhardt

  • 30.10.2012
    Toby Huff: On the Roads to Modernity and Civilizational Analysis
    Introduction and chair: Dominik Hünniger

  • 23.10.2012
    Short Introduction of Fellows and Associates and their research projects


  • 24.04.2013 Fania Oz-Salzberger: Göttinger Readers of the Scottish Enlightenment: A Reassessment

  • 28.11.2012 Avi Lifschitz: What, who, and where was the Counter-Enlightenment?

  • 31.10.2012 Daniel Fulda: Wege ins Offene. Ist die moderne Zukunftsvorstellung ein Produkt oder Ausgangsbedingung der Aufklärung?