Concept for Qualification

The qualification of young scholars is a key-duty of the Research Training Group. The concepts for research, qualification and advisory joint together provide a framework to enable the doctoral candidates to finish their thesis within the three-year-mark, and at the same time to prepare them for a career in academia. The Concept for Qualification on the one hand is an addition and enhancement of the individual specialization of the doctoral candidate and on the other hand it provides specific training that expands beyond the personal area of expertise and opens the way for a broad education. Furthermore the Concept for Qualification promotes the exchange and cooperation of the members of the Research Training Group. All these activities support and enhance the process of the thesis-production. By this it is guaranteed that the time needed for all these activities does not lengthen the time needed to finish the thesis. Beyond that the concept for qualification provides the opportunity for the doctoral candidates to present their work on national and international level so they can access networks of research at an early stage of their dissertation.

The Concept for Qualification consists of:

- Studyprogram
- Program for visiting researchers


The Studyprogram is seperated into the parts, that are aligned with the phases of the production of a thesis: 1st year Introductionphase, 2nd year Researchphase with time abroad, 3rd year Finishingphase

The Studyprogram is made to provide the best support possible for the doctoral candidates in these three phases. The Studyprogram is structured in a way to guarantee a good balance between self-organized research by the doctoral candidates and supportive courses and activities.

The Studyprogram is based on two columns: activities especially for the Research Training Group in which the Researchprogram is put in practice and developed, and the newly arranged Qualificationprogram where specific soft skills are provided.

Activities of the Research Training Group

Doctoral candidates are supposed to take part in:
a) a weekly colloquium
b) a qualification event in the 1st Semester
c) various workshops in different fields in the Semester
d) a symposium

Overview for download (pdf, german)

Altogether the Studyprogram of the first Semester is composed of four hours of compulsory courses a week, from the second semester on it is two hours a week. On top of this there are four hours of collective activities spread on block courses. These consist of the participation in the Research Training Group's Symposium, the lecture and the workshops. So the amount of work for the doctoral candidates besides their own project is limited to the Colloquium of two hours a week and once in the first semester a course for qualification of two hours a week. Furthermore the members of the Research Training Group are free to visit all the activities and courses of the areas of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Lectures, Colloquia, Deminars). Therefor the the University offers a wide variety of courses in the areas of Medieval and Modern Latin, Auxiliary Science of History, History, Economic- and Social History, History of Literature, History of Theology and the Church, History of Art, History of Music, History of Law, Jewish studies, Philosophy, and medieval Languages (Old-English, Middle-English, Old-French, Old-High-German, Middle-High-German, Middle-Low-German, Old-Norse, Arabic, medieval Hebrew, Yiddish, Old-Church-Slavonic).

Training Program

Newly incorporated into the Concept for Qualification, the structured Further Training Program consists of a basic program and an individually arranged additional program.

The basic program in made up of the workshops held in cooperation with the Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen by qualified personnel specifically for the doctoral candidates of the Research Training Group:

- Introduction to organizational and working structures / Selfreflection (1st Semester)
- writing workshop (2nd Semester)
- Careerplanning (5th Semester)

The additional program is made of a freely electable Modules of Applied Studies, and workshops to develop soft skills.

Overview for download (pdf, german)

Guest Researcher Program

To enhance the internationallity and interdisciplinarity of the Research Training Group the planed events in the Program for Qualification are held and assisted by national and international Guest Researchers. The doctoral candidates are provided with scholarly insights and new trends in their field from outside the local scientific community. The Guest Researchers are invited to a stay of several days. The visits are limited to five days. The Guest Researchers participate in the events of the Research Training Group and take part in the Program for Qualification.