General information

  • Module: Crucial Topics in Information Security Management (Hausarbeitenseminar 12 ECTS)
  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Simon Trang
  • Module number: M.WIWI-WIN.0028
  • Cycle: Every summer term
  • Credits: 12 ECTS
  • Courses of study: Master WI, Master Ufü, Master MDM, Ph. D.
  • Type of teaching and learning: Seminar
  • Examination: Presentation and final paper
  • Language: German
  • Contact:

Summer term 2019

  • Registration: Starts from 01.03.2019, 09:00 via StudIP on a First Come, First Serve Basis.
  • Introduction: 26.04.2019 (KWZ 3.601), from 4 pm - 5 pm
  • Workshop on research method: 03.05.2019 (KWZ 1.701), from 09 pm - 5 pm
  • Workshop on research design: 07.06.2019 (KWZ 2.739), from 3 pm - 6 pm
  • Final presentations of research projects: 27.09.2019 (KWZ 2.739), from 2:30 pm - 5 pm,
  • Restriction: Maximum of 12 students

Learning Objectives

The students:
• know the state of the art as well as future challenges regarding a current research topic in the field of information security research,
• can synthesize the existing body of knowledge in regard to a given topic in the area of information security management research and identify research gaps,
• can elaborate research questions systematically by means of scientific methods,
• know and understand empirical research methods and approaches in order to elaborate on information security research topics in a scientific manner,
• can present research findings in a way that satisfies scientific requirements.

Overview of the module contents

This seminar comprises of three parts. In the first part (2 days), students will receive an introduction to current challenges in information security management research. Moreover, they will get an overview on empirical research designs and methods. An introduction and training of a specific empirical research method will be given. In the second part (self-study), students will select a research topic in the field of information security management research. Students will have the chance to conduct their own piece of research. This usually includes the collection and/or analysis of empirical data. A research report needs to be written. In the third part, the results will be presented in front of the class.

Prerequisit and examination

The class is addressed to students of Master WI, Master MDM, Master Ufü, and Ph.D. An interest in quantitative methods and general background in management science is necessary.
Students will design and conduct a research project in the field of business IT alignment. Research projects are conducted in groups of around 2-3 students (depending on class size). All statistical methods that are required for the research projects will be taught as part of the course. The research project will be evaluated in terms of its documentation and final presentation. Active collaboration and presentations are part of the module.