Dr. PD Göran Wolf

Born in Dohna; studied English linguistics, German linguistics and education in Dresden; taught as foreign language assistant in Derry (Northern Ireland); tutor, research assistant, researcher and junior lecturer at the Chair of English Linguistics (incl. Medieval Studies, Prof. Dr. U. Schaefer), Dresden Technical University; PhD on English grammaticography between 1600 and 1900 (2009); lecturer and assistant at the Chair of English Linguistics (Prof. Dr. C. Lange), Dresden Technical University; habilitation on Ulster-Scots orthography in past and present (2016); 10/2017 to 8/2018 stand in for Dr. Dirk Schultze in Göttingen; currently Interim Professor (Lehrstuhlvertretung) for Medieval English Language and Literature for Prof. Winfried Rudolf, Göttingen.


Taught courses relate to the study of the history of the English language (e.g. introductions to Old, Middle and Early Modern English) as well as English linguistics (e.g. sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, English grammar, varieties of English).

Research interests

  • language and weakness: Old English lexis of disability, injury and illness;

  • history of (English) linguistics: English grammaticography since Ælfric

  • semantics and pragmatics of subcultures/youth cultures: semiotics of football fandom as constituent of urban identity – comparison of morphological, lexical and graphostilistic phenomena as well as cultural and sociohistorical evaluation of the language of ‘ultrà’-supporters
  • forms and consequences of multilingualism in Northern Ireland: historical de­ve­lop­ment and current status of languages in the north of Ireland with particular em­pha­sis on Ulster Scots

  • systemic development in dialects and varieties of present-day English in view of language contact situations: Bible adaptations and translations in varieties of English

  • cultural contact and transfer of knowledge: grammars of English in eigh­teenth-century Germany



  • 2015. Dialect Spelling. A Case Study of Ulster Scots. post-doctoral thesis.

  • 2009. Zur Geschichte der englischen Grammatikschreibung. Der Wandel des Begriffs ‘Grammatik’ zwischen 1600 und 1900. PhD thesis.


  • 2011. Englische Grammatikschreibung 1600-1900 – der Wandel einer Diskurs­tra­di­tion. Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang. (Arbeiten zur Sprachanalyse 54)

as editor

  • 2012. Communicative Spaces. Variation, Contact, and Change. Papers in Ho­nour of Ursula Schaefer. Ed. by Claudia Lange, Beatrix Weber & Göran Wolf. Frank­furt/Main: Peter Lang.

  • 2010. Linguistics, Ideology and the Discourse of Nationalism. Ed. by Claudia Lange, Ursula Schaefer & Göran Wolf. Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang.

as author

  • 2015. “Does Present-Day Written Ulster Scots Abandon Tradition?” Eng­lish­es Today: Multiple Varieties, Multiple Perspectives. Ed. by Cristina Suárez-Gó­­mez & Elena Seoane. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Pub­lish­ing, 51-80.

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  • 2012. “Heinrich Christoph Albrecht’s Versuch einer critischen Englischen Sprachlehre: Tracing Robert Lowth in an 18th-Century Textbook for the Teaching and Learning of English.” Historiographia Linguistica 39,1: 93-105.

  • 2011. “Irish: Unfavourable Implications of Sociolinguistic Labels?” Sustaining Minority Language Communities: Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Scotland. Ed. by John M. Kirk & Dónall P. Ó Baoill. Belfast: Cló Ollscoil na Banríona, 69-80. (Belfast Studies in Language, Culture and Politics 20)

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  • review

  • 2008. “Skandinavisch-schottische Sprachbeziehungen im Mittelalter. Der alt­nor­dische Lehneinfluss, ed. Kries, Susanne. (North-Western European Lan­guage Evolution Supplement vol. 20). Odense: University Press of Southern Den­mark. pages xii + 498. ISBN 87-7838-873-2 (pbk).” Scottish Language 27: 107-110.

talks and presentations

  • 2016. “Von Quasi-Transitivität in It semes a kynge to haue descrescioun bis Unpersönlichkeit in It would seem that there is no way out of our difficulty – Das syntaktische Spektrum des englischen Verbs (to) seem.” & “Ultrà-Sprache: Zur Semiotik zwischen Bengalo und Blockfahne am Beispiel der Green Bri­gade, einer Fangruppierung des Celtic FC.” 29. Juni 2016 und 13. Juli 2016. Vor­träge im Rahmen des Habilitationsverfahren. Technische Universität Dresden.

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