ICM - The "Inverted Classroom Model"

Over the past years teachers and university lecturers from different disciplines evolved new concepts to improve their lectures. These concepts are more student focused, interactive and effective. The Inverted Classroom Model, or alternatively "Flipped Classroom", is answering this claim to modern teaching in particular. Teaching by this model flips the traditional learning phases of "learning content" firstly and "consolodate knowledge". For preparation the students do self studying with interactive materials, provided via internet. In the following classes the teachers solves student's problems, is exercising and discussion with the learning group. [...]

Translated into English from the German original:

Schaefer, A. M (2012) Das Inverted Classroom Model. Begleitband zur ersten deutschen ICM-Konferenz. Ed.. Handtke, J., Sperl, A., Oldenbourg Verlag, Munich, p.3

The video below shows and explains the principle of teaching in a flipped-classroom: