Past events:

Delhi Workshop: 16-17 December 2015. 

Courses on gender:

Based on the results of this work and our prior research in this area, we will develop a short (3-4 day bloc) course on Gender, Growth, and Development: How Policy Can Promote Women?s Economic Opportunities. This will be offered to mid-level policy makers, members of civil society, and advanced students in low-income countries, based on our past experience with such courses for policy makers in Kenya, Zambia, and Ethiopia. It will present an overview of cutting-edge policy research in this area, include key research results, develop a clear policy agenda, and include a detailed analytical toolbox for policy development at the country level. We propose to present this course, organized in coordination with local offices of donor agencies (including DFID and GIZ local offices) and local universities, in at least 6 low-income countries, including Bangladesh, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Furthermore, the course will be recorded and all material will be made available as a free online course on the project website. Interested users will be asked to register in order to get free access to the material, so that we can send them project updates and policy briefs in order to foster policy uptake.

Policy uptake outputs:

We will organize special sessions at several international conferences that bring together development research and policy makers (including the IZA-World Bank Employment and Development Conference, and the Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNet) conference).