Former PhD Students

Former PhD students:

Dr. Stefan Meyer  (2009-2013)

·         PhD Thesis:    Estimation of the Long Run Food Price Equilibrium in Germany, the U.S. and Europe

·          First appointment: Associate Research Fellow , IFPRI.


Dr. Rainer Holst   (2009-2013)

·         PhD Thesis:    Climate Change, Risk and productivity: Analyses of Chinese Agriculture.

·         First appointment: Consultant, Transfer Pricing, Deloitte.


Dr. Xu Tian  (2009-2013)

·         PhD Thesis:     Economic Development, Nutrition Transition and Gender Discrimination in China

·         First appointment: Associate Professor, Nanjing Agricultural University, China.


Dr. Qiran Zhao  (2010-2014) (IAMO, co-supervisor)

·         PhD Thesis:    Essays on education and pension policies in rural China

·         First appointment: Lecturer, China Agricultural University, China.


Dr. De Zhou (2011-2014)

·         PhD Thesis:     Dynamic Food Demand in China and International Nutrition Transition

·     First appointment: Associate Professor, Nanjing Agricultural University, China.


Dr. Christoph Steffen (2014-2017)

·         PhD Thesis:     Essays on transaction costs and food diversity in developing countries

·         First appointment:


Dr. Feifei Sun (2014-2018)

·         PhD Thesis:     Essays on Economic Returns to Fertilizer, Market Structure of Milk Industry, and Air Pollution and Food Security in China

·         First appointment:  AP, Beijing Institute of Technology


Dr. Tahir Mahmood (2014-2018)

PhD Thesis:     Essays on Comparing Poverty Measures, Gender Differences in Subjective Well-being, Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in Pakistan

First appointment:  Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan


Dr. Farah Wulandari Pangestuty(2014-2018):

PhD Thesis:     “Essays on Indonesian Undernutrition Vulnerability and Domestic Asymmetric Rice Price Transmission with the World.

First appointment:  Farah Wulandari Pangestuty, Indonesia


Dr. Dieter Koemle (2014-2018):

PhD Thesis:     The Impact of agri-environmental policy and infrastructure on wildlife and land prices.

First appointment:  Research Fellow, Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries