Friday, 14.09.2018

Feminist Collage Workshop - Scissors, Paper, Glue-Words

5 pm
Location: Hafenzimmer-Salon für Kunst und Kultur / Gotmarstr. 10

How do you convert your theoretical knowledge of feminist theories into artistic expression?

During the workshop we want to explore a creative way of expressing our feminist knowledge. Artists like Hannah Höch, Emy Ball or the Guerilla Girls have used the art of collage and billboards to fight against patriarchal and racist systems. Their humorous and intelligent approaches are the main inspiration for this workshop.
We will provide materials for you to use to create your own feminist artistic work like postcards, Flyers Stickers etc. we will also have artist catalogues by artists for you to look at and get inspired by. If you want to bring something that you want to work with (a special material, a magazine, a book) you are more than welcome to do so. We also have a black & white printer and scanner to use.
With this workshop we hope to convey a relaxed atmosphere and empowering moments for all participants.

The workshop is on donation basis. The recommended donation sum is 10 Euro.

Registration via:
Length of the workshop: 2-3 hours

"Reflections unheard: Black women in civil rights" - Movie night

8 pm
Location: Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude, room 011

Through the personal stories of several former black female Civil Rights activists, Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights unearths the lesser-known story of black women’s political marginalization between the male-dominated Black Power movement, and the predominantly white and middle class Feminist movement during the 1960s and 70s, as well as the resulting mobilization of black and other women of color into a united Feminist movement.
Reflections Unheard is a feature length documentary, and the first of its kind to focus exclusively on black women’s contributions and experiences during the Civil Rights era.

Running Time: 81min.

The movie is in English. Unfortunately the documentary filmmaker Nevline Nnaji had to cancel her participation for the discussion afterwards.
A joint event of the Göttingen Centre for Gender Studies within the 10th European Feminist Research Conference, the Clubkino Göttingen, the Kulturbüro Studiwerk and the Studentenwerk Göttingen.

To the movie "Reflections unheard: Black women in civil rights"

Let's celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the EFRC!

from 9pm at the Club einsB / Freihafen, Nikolaistraße 1B, Göttingen (Attention!!! Due to organizational reasons the location of our party is changed)

Celebrate the conference party in the club einsB / Freihafen in Göttingen! In a nice atmosphere on two levels with lounge, bar and big Dancefloor - everyone will find the right one for themselves. A wide range of musical entertainment from 2 DJs on 2 stages and cold drinks at reasonable prices ensure an unforgettable dance night with many surprises.

Price: 5 €, registration in advanceis possible via (Box office 6 €)