Gender Controlling

students in winter term 2016/17; personnel data with reference date 1/12/2016

In recent years, universites are being increasingly challenged to provide basic and performance data for university and non-university uses. As a consequence of performance-oriented funding assessment, target agreements, evaluations, rankings and benchmarking processes, as well as the most recent developments in the equal opportunities domain, such as the introduction of research-oriented gender equality standards by the DFG, there is strong motivation for universities to produce corresponding data and statistics.

The gender controlling of the University of Göttingen consists of four complementary sections:

  • The publication of basic data for the domains of students, degrees and employees allows decentralised equal opportunities officers an insight into the equal opportunities performance of the individual faculties. In addition, a new database on „women in leading positions“ is being constructed at present. It systematically captures gender relations for instance in collaborative research as well as in university committees and commissions.

  • The development and calculation of classification numbers and indicators can reveal processes that would otherwise remain concealed.

  • Activities in the area of benchmarking enable learning processes that positively influence the promotion of equal opportunities.

  • Issueing and establishing rankings on faculty level heightens the public perception of which faculties need to be systematically supported in improving their equal opportunities performance.