The Glimmann collection

The collection was founded in the 19th century and is focussed on the orders of Falconiformes (birds of prey), Strigiformes (owls) und Galliformes (grouse, pheasants and allies). Due to a wrong description in a scientific journal of the year 1908 the collection was known for a long time as "Gliemann collection".

uhu glimmann

In 68 showcases more than 200 exhibits are displayed comprising adults, juveniles and eggs. Many of the exposed species are not any longer endemic in the region of Lower Saxony which gives this collection a considerable historic value. A big part of the collection was restored in 1990.

In addition to the Glimmann collection students and visitors will find a collection of more than 500 exhibits presenting the biggest part of all bird species breeding in Lower Saxony.

vogel vitrine

Photographs: Richard Schütz