Academic writing has a high priority in the courses and modules of the Anglophone Literature and Culture division. Writing critically about aspects of literature and culture is not something that comes naturally - we all have to practise and improve our research, our writing and our analytical skills. These pages help students find their way through the highways and byways of reading and writing critically. They address key points on writing an academic term paper and writing a BA or Master's thesis, and also give insight into previous papers and theses. Click on the tiles below to explore the sections.

    This section contains information on:
  • Planning and structuring a paper
  • Finding and using secondary literature
  • Aspects of style
  • Assessment criteria
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    This section contains information on:
  • Finding a thesis topic
  • Colloquia and modules
  • Information in brief: BA thesis, Master's thesis, MEd thesis
  • Thesis registration
  • Thesis assessment criteria
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    The Göttinger Schriften zur Englischen Philologie is a publication series for BA theses, Master's and Education theses, doctoral theses and essay collections most of which would otherwise not see the publishing light of day. All were graded "very good". Explore the volumes for inspiration for your own project or simply to see what a really really good thesis looks like.

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