Hunting License

One of the hiring requirements for completing the preparatory service for the higher forest service (traineeship) is the right to obtain the first annual hunting license. This entry requirement applies to all federal states. The hunting license can be obtained at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology by participating in the "Hunting Techniques" course. Alternatively, it can also be obtained by passing the hunter's examination at the responsible district office/district of the main place of residence or at the lower hunting authority of the district of Göttingen.


Before you can be admitted to the hunting technique course, the following curricular events must be successfully completed:

  • Wildlife Biology, Hunting Studies, Hunting Law (belonging to the module "Forest Zoology, Wildlife Biology and Hunting Studies") (lecture)

The (partial) exams are considered passed if 50% of the questions are answered correctly. Failed parts can be repeated in the semester following the examination. The hunting technique course is offered in the bachelor’s degree. It is divided into the theoretical part (lecture) and the practical parts of shooting training and breaking up. The subject of hunting technology is passed if the following coursework has been successfully completed:

  • Knowledge of forms of wild animals (i.e. passed exam in the course "Wild Biological Species Knowledge"
  • Hunting shooting (bullet disciplines, shotgun discipline)
  • Weapon handling and hunting horn signals
  • Treatment of hunted game, meat hygiene, game diseases ("break-out course")
  • Hunting laws

The individual parts of the test (hunting technique, knowledge of wildlife species and forest zoology, wildlife biology and hunting knowledge) can be completed independently of one another. No credits can be counted towards the course of study for the module Hunting techniques.


For the module Forest zoology, wildlife biology and hunting knowledge as well as Knowledge of wildlife species, register under Stud.IP. If you have successfully passed the required sub-areas, you can apply for a place in the hunting technique course via Stud.IP once a year after receiving an info mail to all students.


No, the hunting license is only issued by the hunting authority in connection with a successfully completed bachelor's degree in forest science and forest ecology.
Fees of around 1,000 euros will be charged.