Traineeship Incoming Erasmus+ (KA 131)

Information for host institutions and interested Erasmus+ trainees

Before arrival

    In terms of the employment regulation, a traineeship is considered as a work activity. Accordingly, it must be clarified where students who would like to do a traineeship at Göttingen University come from and whether a certificate for exemption from the work permit requirement must be applied for. The application must be made at the Federal Employment Agency (ZAV) and has also an effect on the residence permit. Students from EU states, EEA states and Switzerland do not require approval from the ZAV. Also, for trainees who are funded through the Erasmus+ programme, it is not necessary to apply to the ZAV. If you have any questions, please contact our team.

Just like students of the Göttingen University who complete an Erasmus+ funded traineeship abroad, an incoming intern must also agree on a Learning Agreement for Traineeships (cf. Learning Agreement for Studies) with the host institution and have it signed by all parties involved – the supervisor at the host institution, the supervisor at the home university and the student. The sending university provides templates.

You will find a registration form for interns in the staff portal. Please fill it out and submit it to the responsible person in the Human Resources Department. It is also important to clarify in advance whether the minimum wage is to be paid. It is also important to clarify in advance whether the minimum wage is to be paid. The duration of the traineeship may play a role. If the duration exceeds 120 days, the minimum wage may be due. Is the traineeship voluntary or compulsory and prescribed by the study regulations? In the latter case, the minimum wage may not apply.


    Health insurance is compulsory for interns in Germany. They should therefore clarify all the necessary details with their health insurance company in their home country before arrival in Germany. EU citizens usually have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Nevertheless, it should be clarified what can be covered by it.

It is recommended that interns take out private liability insurance to cover themselves against possible personal injury and property damage.

In Germany, employees - and therefore also interns - are automatically insured against accidents through their employer. Please note that this insurance only covers accidents that occur during working hours and accidents on the direct way to or from the workplace.

International students have the opportunity to use DAAD group insurance under certain conditions, e.g. if it is a compulsory internship.


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