In the Foyer 2 PCs are set up. The one facing the entrance is exclusively for the student assistants. The second one can be used by all students as well as the scanner and printer (printouts have to be recorded). On this computer you can also find the image database.

A black and white laser printer is connected to the computer in the Foyer. If you want to make printouts in colour, contact the student assistants. The office hours can be found at the entrance. The printouts have to be recorded at the list with the print costs.

  • used/own paper: 0,03€
  • new paper: 0,06€
  • half page in colour: 0,30€
  • full page in colour: 0,60€

The list with the print costs are put up at the beginning of each month at the door of the institute. The amount needs to be paid within one week, otherwise a fee of 1€ per week will be charged.

Workplaces (15 so far) are available if you need to write your bachelor's, master's or doctoral thesis or if you are regularly working at the institute. When required, new workplaces can be set up. If you need one, encounter a student assistant or Prof. Arbeiter.

Tea kitchen:
There's a tea kitchen at our institute. Please follow all the instructions:

  • If you don't have an own cup, you can lend one. Please keep the dishes clean!
  • Dispose the used coffee bag immediately in the organic waste.
  • Put open milk after use back in the fridge.
  • Please donate something if you take coffee - this can be in the form of money, coffee, milk, cookies, sugar etc.
  • Don't leave returnable or glass bottles at the institute.