Jonas Fierke

Research focus:
- GIS and remote sensing
- Land use and land cover change
- Climate risks
- Resilience of socio-ecological systems

Research associate in the joint project KLIMNEM – Comparison of temperate deciduous forests in the northern and southern hemisphere for an implementation of trans-hemispherical and sustainable forests management.

in cooperation with:
- CIEFAP Esquel (Argentina)
- Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy)
- University of Applied Sciences and Arts HAWK (Germany)

Working title of the doctoral thesis:
Transdisciplinary prediction of climate change on a local level: Implementation of a climate impact assessment for forest ecosystems of the Río Puelo catchment area (Northern Patagonia) based on multiple data sources.


Jonas, F., Martin, K., & Daniel, W. (2020). Quantifying forest cover at Mount Kenya: Use of Sentinel-2 for a discrimination of tropical tree composites. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 14(6), 159–176.