Key competence module: Matlab in Biopsychology and Neuroscience (3 C, 3 SWS) [M.Bio.372]

Learning outcome and core skills
Goal of the course is a general introduction into Matlab basics, with a focus on
psychophysics and neuroscientific applications. The course teaches the knowledge
and skills needed to understand existing Matlab code and to develop your own Matlab
programs. The course consists of two parts, a more theoretically oriented lecture and a
practical tutorial in which the weekly excercises will be discussed (2h/week each).

Examination prerequisite
The students demonstrate that they can read and develop their own Matlab programs.

Courses and examinations
Lecture Matlab basics 1 SWS
Tutorial Matlab advanced 1 SWS

written exam (60 min)

Selection options

Admission requirements
participation in lecture Biopsychology II/Cognitive Neurosciences or equivalent.

Number of repeat examinations permitted

Module applicable in the following degree programmes
MA Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology

Course frequency: Academic Term
each summer semester

one semesters


Maximum number of students

Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. Alexander Gail