Key competence module "Bioinformatics in systems biology" (3 C, 2 SWS) [M.Bio.340]

Learning outcome: Biomolecular networks, like networks of metabolic signaling and transduction will be introduced and various graph based abstractions of interaction networks will be demonstrated (entity interaction graph, boolean networks, Petri networks). The students will get to know basics of the graph theory (analysis of paths, cluster coefficients, centrality, etc.) and they will learn how to apply the respective theory to biomolecular networks. The students will be introduced to different high-throughput techniques and their application to biomolecular networks. The simulation of molecular networks will be presented by selected examples.

Core skills: Subject of this module are the formal description, modeling, analysis and simulation of complex interactions between the components (molecules, cells, organs) of living systems on different levels of abstraction.

Courses and examinations
1. Lecture »Bioinformatics of systems biology« (2 SWS)

Prerequisite for examination: regular attendance

Examinations: oral examination about lecture topics (30 minutes)

Selection options

Admission requirements

Number of repeat examinations permitted

Module applicable in the following degree programmes
MA Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology
MA Applied Informatics

Course frequency: Academic Term
each summer semester

One semesters

English; German in agreement with participants

Maximum number of students

Workload: 90h (42/48h, Attendance time/Self-study time)

Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. Edgar Wingender