Key competence module "Lecture: Development and plasticity of the nervous system" (3 C, 2 SWS) [M.Bio.359]

Learning outcome: The basics of the development and plasticity of the vertebrate nervous system are presented.
Special emphasis is on the 3 following subjects:
i) early development of the nervous system (induction and pattern formation, formation and survival of nerve cells, development of specific axonal projections, synaptogenesis),
ii) developmental plasticity (experience- and activity-dependent development of the brain, critical periods) and
iii) adult plasticity and regeneration (learning-induced plasticity, cellular mechanisms of plastic changes, neurogenesis, therapies after brain lesions).

Core skills: Deepened knowledge, up-to-date research results and understanding of scientific approaches in the field of the development and plasticity of the nervous system.

Courses and examinations
1. Lecture: "Development and plasticity of the nervous system" (2 SWS)

Examination: oral examination (ca. 15 min)

Selection options

Admission requirements

Number of repeat examinations permitted

Module applicable in the following degree programmes
MA Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology

Course frequency: Academic Term
Each winter-semester

One semester


Maximum number of students

Workload: 90 h (28/62h, Attendance time/Self-study time)

Person responsible for module
Prof. Siegrid Löwel