Key competence module "Motor systems" (3 C, 2 SWS) [M.Bio.357]

Learning outcome: Profound knowledge of the motor system of primates (human as well as non-human primates), especially concerning the anatomy and physiology of cortical and subcortical structures, the spinal cord, the neuro-muscular activation and their pathological disorders. Emphasis lies on the mechanisms of locomotion planning, motor control and the development of brain-machine interfaces.

Core skills: Students should be able to understand and describe the basic functional principles of the motor system as well as its diseases and possible interactions on a high scientific level.

Courses and examinations
1. Lecture: "Motor systems" (2 SWS)

Examination: oral examination (15 minutes)

Selection options

Admission requirements
Knowledge in neurobiology by attendace of the lecture "Cognitive neuroscience" (biology) or biopsychology (psychology) or a comparable lecture.

Number of repeat examinations permitted

Module applicable in the following degree programmes
MA Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology

Course frequency: Academic Term
Each summer-semester

One semester


Maximum number of students

Workload: 90 h (28/62h, Attendance time/Self-study time)

Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Scherberger