Legal basis for the disadvantage compensation

For Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes: The General Examination Regulations (APO) of Göttingen University contains a regulation on disadvantage compensation in § 21 (Protection provisions).

§ Section 7 Para. 3 of the Caregiver Leave Act regulates the term "close relatives". Within the meaning of the Act, these are:
1. grandparents, parents, in-laws, stepparents,
2. spouses, civil partners, partners in a marriage-like or civil partnership-like community, siblings, spouses of siblings and siblings of spouses, civil partners of siblings and siblings of civil partners,
3. children, adoptive or foster children, the children, adoptive or foster children of spouses or civil partners, children of in-laws and grandchildren

If you would like to apply for disadvantage compensations in examinations and other academic achievements due to disabilities or chronic diseases, please use the information provided by the Representative for Students with disabilities and chronic diseases.