List of Hotels

When you visit the MKWI 2010, we recommend the following hotels for your accomodation:

  • Hotel 'Best Western Am Papenberg', ****
  • 'Eden Hotel', ****
  • Hotel 'Freizeit In', ****
  • InterCity Hotel Göttingen, ****
  • Hotel 'Schweizer Hof', ****
  • Hotel 'Astoria', ***
  • Hotel 'Central', ***
  • Hotel 'Stadt Hannover', ***

The following link will show you the details of the hotels. You can also request your accomodation using the following link:

Details and Request

This map may support your booking decision by showing the location of the hotels in relationship to the conference venue. By clicking the hotel names in the bubble you will be forwarded to the website of the hotels.

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