Mailing list for students of Biology

We do have a mailing list for students of Biology. Subscribers can share information via this list for example on student organized scientific events in Göttingen. Also the study advisory office of the Faculty of Biology will supply this list from time to time with offers on student jobs, events and competitions. The list is administered by Prof. Bucher (Evolutionary Developmental Genetics).

The list is offered for subscription at :


Please note, that the standard configuration makes a subscriber visible to all other subscribers with name and email address. You can change this setting by the configuration of your profile and make yourself invisible to other subscribers (login at "Unsubscribe or edit options").

Also be aware that this mailing list is not an official communication channel of the Faculty or the Office of Studies. The Faculty does not avouch the correctness of information distributed via the list. Official information will still be propagated through our web page and the BioBlog.