Time to Choose Modules!

This Module-O-Matic is aimed at students enrolled in the Joint Honours BA with English or ELLC and at students studying English as part of their WiPäd degree programme. It assists in choosing modules for the second semester of studies and is best used in fullscreen mode (arrows icon in the top left corner). Enjoy!
Mobile phone users, please note that many mobile phones are critical of the tool - resizing the windows often does not really work. If you want to access the tool with a mobile phone, please click here to access the Module-O-Matic directly.
With any questions or for assistance with study plans or scheduling please contact Dr. Reitemeier or the student-run Englisch Helpline.

Sorry, the Module-O-Matic is available only in German for BA students. If you have problems with this, please contact Dr. Reitemeier for assistance.