Tashveen Moonian


College / University

Technische Universität Braunschweig

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects

Molecular and cellular Biology

64243-1 Moonian



Lab Experience

Molecular biology: nucleic acid isolation, quantitative/multiplex RT-PCR, fluorescent bead-based immunoassay, Luminex assay, ELISA, size exclusion chromatography
Cellular biology: flow cytometry, primary cell culture, microinjection of zebrafish embryos, basic neuronal calcium imaging of transgenic zebrafish embryos, cancer cells transfection, BiFC
Microbiology: transformation, antimicrobial sensitivity testing, food microbiology and water parasitology testing (ISO 17025)

Projects / Research

  • 2023: Bachelor’s thesis “Validation and application of multiplex immunoassays for the systematic characterisation of pathogen-induced antibody responses”, Helmholtz Center for Infection Research
  • 2022: Student assistant “Clinical Proof-of-Concept study of the non-invasive PADFEX procedure for the detection of respiratory pathogens from lung transplant patients (PADFEX-LTX)”, Helmholtz Center for Infection Research and Medical School of Hannover
  • 2021: Student assistant “PADFEX (pathogen detection from filtered expirate): Development and evaluation of a novel device for the detection of respiratory pathogens”, Helmholtz Center for Infection Research
  • 2018: Internship “Effect of Potassium tellurite and egg yolk emulsion on the growth of S. aureus on agar medium”, Laboratoire Internationale de Bio Analyse

Scholarships / Awards

2023 – 2024: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School


I have a keen interest in comprehending the complex mechanisms of cellular function at the molecular level, as well as exploring the effects of DNA alterations on its behaviour. During my experience in the field of infectious disease epidemiology, I gained exposure to a diverse range of molecular biology techniques. Now, I am eager to broaden my knowledge and explore new fields. I look forward to acquire new skills and make meaningful contributions to research endeavours.