Krystyna Nahlik


College / University

Jagiellonian University, Kraków
University of North Wales, Bangor

Highest Degree

Master of Science

Major Subjects

Molecular Biology, Virology




Lab Experience

Various molecular biology techniques, protein and DNA methods, PCR methods and optimization, DNA array analysis, bacterial and fungal cultures, molecular modelling and DNA sequence analysis

Projects / Research

  • 2001: "Analysis and characterisation of three extragenic suppressors of the bimG11 temperature-sensitive mutation in Aspergillus nidulans" (North Wales University, Bangor)
  • 2001 – 2002: Master's degree project "Changes in expression and cellular location of GAPDH in human adherent monocytes after infection with vaccinia virus" (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)

Scholarships / Awards

2002 – 2003: Stipend International Max Planck Research School
1997 – 2001: State Scholarship for Academic Excellence


I would like to apply my experience in molecular biology to medical research and diagnostics, especially in the area of viral diseases or tumour development. My other interests include bioinformatics and genomics. I still don't know which path I will pursue in the future, but I certainly want to be involved in scientific research and I also hope to have some part in the popularization of biological science.