P7: Drug production and consumption

PIs: Ibanez (leading), Gassebner

The trade of drugs is a global phenomenon. While few countries produce illicit drugs, a large number of countries serve as ports in the trafficking of illicit drugs and the consumption of drugs affects almost every territory. Three international conventions have been signed prohibiting the production, trafficking, and consumption of drugs. Yet, little is known about the production of illicit drugs, the impact of illicit drugs on households, living conditions and the effectiveness of different anti-drug policies. While most of the existing studies use aggregated information, disaggregated information at the household level is necessary to understand the motivations to produce illicit drugs and to design alternative policies to deal with this problem. The objective of this research area is to analyze the problem of illicit drug production from the household perspective. We investigate the decision to produce illicit drugs, the impact of illicit drug production on household´s living conditions and the effectiveness of alternative policies to control drug production.

Possible dissertation topics:

  • Keeping children out of drugs: Free time use, aspiration building and education
  • Culture of lawfulness: Evaluation of the educational program implemented by the National Police in Colombia