• An invoice is included in the shipment. It will indicate the number of cultures and the total charges.
  • Payment is expected within 30 days.
  • Payment should be in € (Euro) only. Quoting of the invoice number upon payment is absolutely necessary.
  • Please ensure that you pay all bank charges.

Payments can be in form of:

  • bank transfer (preferred for within the European Union). Full banking details are included in the invoice.
  • credit card payment (only MASTER or VISA). Please fax a copy of the invoice with your credit card details, date and your signature (+49 (0) 551 397871). We will then charge the payment to your credit card. This may take up to several weeks. Please note that we do not send a confirmation of payment unless explicitely requested.
  • If none of the above methods is possible, send a collection-only cheque. Cheques should be in € (Euro) only. Please quote the "Sammlung von Algenkulturen" and the invoice number on the cheque. Send it to the postal address above.

If a specific material transfer agreement for commercial orders is conducted with MBM Sciencebridge, payment and delivery will be regulated through the specifications of the agreement.