Viet Ha Tran

PhD project

Growth and quality of important bamboo species in the Northern mountainous area of Vietnam.

Vietnam has about 100 species of bamboo that belong to 20 genera. Bamboo naturally grows nation wide from mountainous areas to coastal delta. Naturally every Vietnamese is very familiar with bamboo, since its products including culm, shoot, as well as leaf are very important for multipurpose use of daily life.
In Vietnam bamboo exists not only in pure forests but also in woody and bamboo mixed forests, evergreen moist forests or deciduous stands. It now becomes an important forest resource supplying forest plantation activities with plantation material, genetic resource improvement. In addition, with the development of processing technology in Vietnam, bamboo recently considered as a plentiful material resource supporting for the modern industry.
The objectives of this study are to enhance the management knowledge on economically important bamboo species in the North of Vietnam that improves the efficiency in bamboo management activities.


Prof. Dr. R. Mitlöhner (Burckhardt-Institute, Dept. Tropical Silviculture and Forest Ecology, University of Göttingen)