Current, main supervisor

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2014 Rida Khalil Rizek, Ali: Al-Qadīmān: An Analytical Study of Two Shī'ī Legal Thinkers (Göttingen)

Successfully concluded, main supervisor

2020 Boccaccini, Enrico: Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Mirror of Princes Literatures from the Mediterranean Contact Zone (Göttingen)

2017 Mauder, Christian: In the Sultans’ Salon: Learning, Religion and Rulership at the Mamluk Court of Qāniṣawh al-Ghawrī (r. 1501-1516) (Göttingen)

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Member of PhD committee

2017 Emanadia, Arash: The Soul in the Afterlife. Individual Eschatological Beliefs in Zoroastrism, Mandaeism and Islam (Göttingen)

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