Department Experimental Phycology and Culture Collection of Algae (EPSAG)

Research Projects at EPSAG

The department EPSAG with the SAG Culture Collection focuses on the Biodiversity of Algae in research and education.

  • In various research projects molecular signatures, i.e. DNA sequences and genomic fragments, are determined to assess the diversity of algae and cyanobacteria in certain habitats and infer their phylogenetic relationships.
  • To study algal community structures in various terrestrial habitats culture-independent molecular methods as well as isolating new culture strains including the study of algal morphological features are used.

Currently funded Research Projects:

  • Antarctic Research: Soil algae in glacier forefields of Antarctica (DFG SPP 1158 Antarktisforschung mit vergleichenden Untersuchungen in arktischen Eisgebieten)
  • EarthShape: Biofilms associated with rock surfaces and rock weathering along a climate gradient in Chile (DFG SPP 1803 EarthShape: Earth Surface Shaping by Biota)
  • PUFAChain: The Value Chain from Microalgae to PUFA (EU FP7; grant agreement no. 613303) (project web site under construction>)
  • KALT: Cryostress - adaptation mechanisms of cells towards ultra deep temperatures (Leibniz Associaction and DSMZ-German Collection of microorganisms and cell lines) (project web site under construction>)
  • High CO2 tolerant algae: Production of algal biomass from industrial CO2-rich flue gasses for biofuels and valuable compounds (Scientific Cooperation Niedersachsen - Israel of VolkswagenStiftung, contract no. ZN2727) (project web site under construction>)

Recently Completed Research Projects: