Sinem Saka


College / University

Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects

Molecular Biology and Genetics




Lab Experience

Recombinant DNA techniques, various techniques in microbiology, molecular biology, and genetics

Projects / Research

  • 01/2008 – 07/2008: Creation of a controlled metal bioremediation system using E. coli, iGEM team, METU, Turkey
  • 06/2007 – 09/2007: Design and creation of a novel fusion protein to obtain an oscillation synchronized with the cell division in eukaryotes, Harvard Medical School, USA

Scholarships / Awards

2008 – 2009: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School
2007: Bronze medal in International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition - iGEM 2007, MIT, USA
2001 – 2004: TED Ankara College Highest Honor Prize and Scholarship


I am mainly interested in applications that use biological foundations and knowledge to find solutions for specific problems. Bioengineering and synthetic biology are two branches that attract me with their similar perspectives. To me, studying molecular biology of cancer also offers a lot of such solutions. As a general principle I am open to different fields, ideas and interdisciplinary work. My main goal in this program is to learn as much as I can and gain experience in different areas to develop a better understanding of biology as a whole and to form the background that will enable me to find out new solutions to old/new problems.