Sebastian Hienzsch

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Sebastian Hienzsch, born in Munich, studied Economics in Berlin, Groningen (winter term 2018), and Göttingen. 2016 Bachelor of Science in Economics (TU Berlin); 2020 Master of Science in International Economics (Uni Göttingen) with a focus on quantitative methods. In 2020 Trainee at the ECB's Directorate General Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability.

Since 2020 PhD candidate and research associate at the Chair for Empirical International Economics.


Research Interest

  • Global macro-financial linkages
  • Market-based financial systems and the macroeconomy
  • Identification of structural vector autoregressive models
  • Dynamic factor models and factor-augmented VARs
  • Bayesian estimation of (non-) linear state space models

Working Paper
  • "Which Global Cycle? A Stochastic Factor Selection Approach for Global Macro-Financial Cycles" with Tino Berger [working paper]


Conferences and Workshops

  • March 2023: 16th RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics, Bochum, Germany (talk)
  • March 2023: SNDE 30th Annual Symposium, Orlando, Florida, U.S. (talk)


  • Exercise: Macroeconomics I (Bachelor; Winter 2021/22), Macroeconomics II (Bachelor; Summer 2022), Monetary Economics (Bachelor; Summer 2021, Summer 2022, Winter 2022/23), International Financial Markets (Bachelor; Winter 2020/21, Winter 2021/22, Winter 2022/23), International Economic Relations (Bachelor; Winter 2022/23)
  • Seminar: Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy (Master; Winter 2020/21), International Financial Markets (Bachelor; Summer 2021)
  • I supervise bachelor and master theses related to international finance and monetary economics. However I currently have no capacities to take on new students. Free spots are available earliest in the winter term of 23/24.