Seminar: Controversies in Development Economics

The seminar addresses controversial issues in development economics. Such issues may be more topical (for example: Investments in agriculture and land: Land grab or development opportunity?) or more analytical (for example: The role of the state in economic development: Market-led development or interventionist models?). Based on the seminar papers, which will take a balanced stance toward a specific controversy, students will prepare a presentation that assumes a one-sided position during the seminar. Moderated discussions between two positions will be preceded and followed by a vote of the entire group to assess how convincing the respective presenter has made his or her argument. The seminar topics are subject to change every term.

Registration opens on March 1, 2015. Please send your application indicating your three preferred topics ranked by your own preference marked 1), 2), 3) to Katharina Trapp at (see topics in the document below). Topics are assigned on a first-come first-served basis.