Equipment (Euro/hour)Internal Users and Collaborators Service for non-profit organisations *Service for Industry*
Titan 80-300 E-TEM120200300
Nova NanoSEM4080120
Helios G4 Dual Beam80140200

*All prices are net prices and subject to value added tax at the prevailing rate.

For internal users the final rates depend on total use of facilities.
For example, the actual rates were about 1/2 of DFG rates in 2014.

Starting July 1st 2015, we implement a formal process for using the following CLUE microscopes: ETEM, FIB, in-situ SEM, C30, CM12, and CM120. To access the CLUE facilities a short Project Proposal (CLUE_Proposal_Formular_2018) must be filled out and submitted as MS WORD file. A CLUE Project Proposal includes information about the project, the microscope needs, estimate of costs, funding source and approval from the group leader who has the funds. This would allow us to plan resources and microscope time more proactively. New proposals may be submitted at any time to Prof. Dr. Cynthia A. Volkert (contact Volkert). They will be reviewed and discussed with you to make sure that they are feasible and make optimal use of the microscopes. After the evaluation and approval of the project you will get a project code and can start to use an equipment.
The obtained results may be used in any publications provided that the CLUE is explicitly acknowledged. A suitable reference is:
The use of equipment in the “Collaborative Laboratory and User Facility for Electron Microscopy” (CLUE) is gratefully acknowledged.

The following services are provided:
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

  • Bright and dark field imaging
  • High resolution imaging
  • Selected area diffraction, nanodiffraction and CBED
  • Hollow cone illumination
  • high resolution STEM imaging
  • Energy disoersive X-Ray elemental analysis (EDX)
  • Energy filtered TEM

EELS elemental mapping including atomic mapping

  • quantitative elemental analysis
  • All mentioned above techniques are available at the pressures up to 20mbar for various gases: Ar, N2, CO, CO2, H2, O2, H2O and their mixtures (H2 up to 6mbar).
  • TEM and STEM high-resolution image simulation

Specimen Holders

  • Low backgrownd double-tilt analytical holders
  • Single-tilt holders
  • 360 rotational specimen holder
  • STM holder for in-situ electrical measurements
  • STM holder for in-situ electrical measurements with optical stimulation
  • Holder for in-situ mechanical stress tests
  • Single-tilt N2 cooling holder (up to -178C)
  • Single-tilt heating holder (up to +1000C)

Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • SE (imaging with secondary electrons)
  • low voltage imaging
  • surface morphology
  • BSE (imaging with back scattered electrons)
  • material contrast
  • topography
  • qualitative elemental analysis
  • quantitative elemental analysis
  • orientational analysis (EBSD)
  • Micromanipulation (Omniprobe and Kleindek)

Focused Ion Beam microscopy

  • Patterning
  • TEM specimen preparation

Sample preparation for SEM and TEM

  • Diamond wheel saw
  • Ultrasonic disk cutter
  • Grinding and polishing machine
  • Dimple grinder
  • Precision Ion Polishing System Gatan PIPS 691 with liquid N2 cooling