Tabrez J. Siddiqui


College / University

Department of Biochemistry, Aligarh Muslim University

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Major Subjects

Biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology




Lab Experience

Basic molecular biology techniques

Projects / Research

  • 02/2001 – 08/2001: Development of novel pre-natal Down´s Syndrome Diagnosis technique, Carrier Detection in Hemophilia, Human Genetics and Genomics Laboratory, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Calcutta, India
  • 06/2001: Research methods in bioinformatics

Scholarships / Awards

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals´ Academic support scholarship
Bata Centenary Award for Excellence


I have broad interests and I am presently open to new ideas and fields of research. I would like to work towards my PhD and beyond in areas that are challenging and are essentially inter-disciplinary in nature. Some of my present areas of interest are RNA dynamics, especially ribozymes, drug delivery systems, regulation of gene expression, Cellular Organization Dynamics involving studies on gene expression, signal transduction, membrane trafficking and the role of cytoskeletal networks, molecular mechanisms of vesicular protein transport, protein targeting, functional genomics, molecular biology of cancer, protein folding, DNA repair and molecular modelling with some mathematical component.