SK.Bio.7007: Methods in molecular virology (3 C, 2 SWS)

Learning outcome, core skills:
The students are introduced to the repertoire of methods used in virological research and diagnostics. The course focuses on current developments and seminal experiments from the past. The students will train their ability to extract scientific methods from the literature by themselves and to devise their own strategies to tackle a scientific problem. Students are encouraged to develop their own strategies to solve a specific problem and to discuss their strategies with their fellow students. The students are encouraged to come up with as many alternative approaches as possible. The students' solutions are then compared to published techniques, which are presented in the form of a short talk by a student or the teacher.

Seminar: Methods in molecular virology (2 WHL)

Lecture (approx. 30 minutes), not graded
Examination prerequisites:
Regular participation in the seminar
Examination requirements:
Understanding and scientific presentation of methods in molecular virology in a seminar talk (approx. 20 minutes) with subsequent discussion (approx. 10 minutes).

Admission requirements:

Recommended previous knowledge:
basic knowledge in virology (e.g. SK.Bio.7002), basic knowledge in molecular biology


Course frequency:
each semester

Number of repeat examinations permitted:

Maximum number of students:

Recommended semester:
4 - 6

1 semester

Person responsible for module:
Dr. Alexander Hahn