Thesis supervision

Actual topics
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Bachelor theses

Species mapping of successional vegetation on disturbed spruce areas after full and partial clearing. --assigned

Visualizing thermal differences of disturbed forest plots with R-Shiny. --assigned

UAV-based monitoring of a rewetted peatland with thermal imagery and ground reference measurements. --finished

Assessment of the reforestation potential in standing deadwood using a Wireless Sensor Network to measure the Fraction of actual Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR). --finished

Detection of thermal anomalies in thermal UAV images by analysis and interpretation with Python. --finished

Assessing spatio-temporal consistency of Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 FAPAR (fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation) products and validation with DHP (digital hemispherical photography) - a case study in the southern Harz mountains. --finished

NDVI comparison of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2-data based on land use classes in the Harz region --finished

Characterization of microclimatic differences using high-resolution UAV data on forest disturbance plots in the Southern Harz mountains --finished

UAV-based mapping of succession on forest calamity areas in the southern Harz --finished

GIS-based risk assessment of site-specific water budget under extreme rainfall events – a case study in Mosbach, Thuringian Forest (cooperation with P. Koal, FFK Gotha/ThüringenForst) --finished

Master theses

Monitoring the re-greening of former spruce forest plots in Central Germany using satellite images and reference surveys of biophysical variables. --assigned

Modelling of microclimatic differences on partially cleared fault areas from UAV-LiDAR data. --assigned

Derivation of small-scale soil differences from UAV thermal data in the Italian Alps. --assigned

Remote sensing analysis of spatial variability in European beech vitality in the Harz mountains during drought conditions in 2018 - 2022. --registered

Monitoring forest disturbance plots in the Southern Harz mountains – a comparison of Sentinel-2 and UAV-derived FCOVER. --finished

Quantitative vegetation analysis of biophysical variables with high-resolution remote sensing on forest disturbance plots in the Southern Harz Mountains. --finished

Monitoring of succession on forest disturbance plots using and validating Sentinel-2-derived biophysical variables. --finished

Assessment of post-fire standing deadwood dynamics in the Harz National Park with UAV lidar and digital hemispherical photography. --finished

Towards an automated workflow for assessing effets of forest disturbance on land surface temperature in low mountain ranges of Central Germany using GEE and the Landsat archive. --finished

Assessing accuracy of Sentinel-2 derived LAI time series with direct LAI measurements and hemispherical photography in a beech forest stand in the context of actual drought phenomena --finished

Monitoring of multitemporal changes in Land Surface Temperature on degrading forest stands in the Southern Harz region based on Landsat8 satellite imagery --finished

Comparison of biophysical products of Sentinel-2 for the detection of changes in the spruce and beech stands in the southern Harz --finished

GIS based change detection analysis in beech and fir forest stands - impact assessment of environmental and location factors using forest stands in Northern Thuringia (Germany) as an example --finished

Vitality monitoring of beech-dominated forest stands with varying forest management intensity from Sentinel-2 images and laser scanning --finished

Spatiotemporal patterns of forest change from Sentinel-2 imagery in Thuringia between 2017 and 2021 and their relationchips to forest site factors (cooperation with Dr. A. Tischer, Geography/FSU Jena) --finished

Machine learning based mapping of forest types based on scikit-learn by using random forest and gradient boosting - a comparative study --finished