Dr. Thi Que Anh Vu

E-Mail: tvu2 @ gwdg.de

PhD project

Forest fragmentation and species spread in a secondary gallery forest area in northern Vietnam (funded by DAAD)

Northern Vietnam has been largely deforested due to overuse of natural resources and war impacts. Predominantly along water courses some natural forest patches are still intact (Gallery forests). Their potential as possible natural reforestation initial will be investigated. First the vegetation will be described with help of adapted sample plot designs. Regeneration surveys complete the status quo analysis and allow predictive perspectives on the future forest development. On top the dominant woody species will be measured with eco-physiological methods to record the plant internal water availability as well as the adaptive ability towards the osmotic soil component. It is expected that the results will achieve a tree and shrub species specific characterisation with regard to their suitability for reforestation strategies.

Prof. Dr. R. Mitlöhner (Institute of Silviculture/Dept. of Tropical Silviculture, University of Göttingen)
PD Dr. M. Worbes (Dept. of Tropical Agronomy, Institute of Agronomy and Animal Production in the Tropics and Subtropics, University of Göttingen)


Vu, T.Q.A., Worbes, M., Mitlöhner R., 2003: Tree growth dynamics of two natural secondary gallery forest stands in West Yen Tu Reserve, Northeast Vietnam. Paper presented at the Conference on 'Technological and Institutional Innovations for Sustainable Rural Development', Deutscher Tropentag 2003, Göttingen, October 8-10, 2003. Abstract