Sven Truckenbrodt


College / University

Julius Maximilians University Würzburg
FernUniversität in Hagen

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects





Lab Experience

Calcium imaging, in vivo dissection techniques on Drosophila melanogaster, behavioral paradigms, basic techniques in molecular biology, protein biochemistry and cell biology, official requisite qualifications in radiation protection and handling/welfare of laboratory animals.

Projects / Research

  • 05/2011 – 07/2011: Evaluation of novel optogenetic tools – GCaMP3 and Cameleon 2.1 in in vivo calcium imaging. University of Würzburg, Neurobiology and Genetics, group of Prof. Erich Buchner
  • 03/2010 – 08/2010: Student research assistant, establishing a new approach to study the neural network of Drosophila melanogaster by direct manipulation in a behavioural setup using Channelrhodopsin. University of Würzburg, Neurobiology and Genetics, group of Prof. Erich Buchner

Conference Contributions

Truckenbrodt S.: Effects of selective neuronal activation of the protocerebral bridge on the walking behaviour of Drosophila melanogaster. Slide Presentation. University of Ulm, Germany, 4th Day of Molecular Medicine, 16th April 2011

Scholarships / Awards

2011 – 2012: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School
2010: 1st price at Scientific Writing Contest of the 5th annual International PhD Students’ Symposium of the Graduate School of Life Sciences in Würzburg, Germany
2007: Bio-Future-Price (Biozukunftspreis) of the Foundation Nature Human Culture (Stiftung Natur Mensch Kultur) for notable achievements majoring in the school subject of biology
2007: scholarship


I am particularly interested in the questions that unfold at the chiasm of research in neurobiology, theoretical biology and evolution. My aim is to contribute to the understanding of the greater concepts in the life sciences by converging ideas from various fields of study. The integration of insights gained by the molecular approach into the organismal and trans-organismal level is of particular importance to achieve this.