Dates for future GoeCOP workshops will be announced here in due course.


The fourth GoeCOP workshop took place on: Thu 3 March, 4-6pm

Ivo Feussner - “Detecting the unexpected: Searching for missing enzymatic steps in metabolic networks

Stefan Mathias - “Cooperativity and metastability in ultrafast condensed matter physics

Gerlind Plonka-Hoch - “Mathematical Signal and Image Processing

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The third GoeCOP workshop took place on: Thu 10 Feb, 4-6pm

Stefan Kehrein - “Quantum many-body systems in non-equilibrium: A theoretician’s perspective

Kai Tittmann - “Cooperativity: An enzymologist's perspective

Claus Ropers - “Ultrafast mapping and control 

of the order parameter

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The second GoeCOP workshop took place on: Thu 20 Jan, 4-6pm.

Marina Bennati, Timo Betz and Ricardo Mata talked about:

"Cooperativity in biochemistry and biophysics"

Marina Bennati - “Recent Developments in EPR/ESR for Studies of

biological transformation

Timo Betz - “How cooperative, symmetry breaking and nonequilibrium

physics leads to transformations in biophysics

Ricardo Mata - "Juggling protons: a story of convergent evolution"

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The first GoeCOP workshop took place on: Thu 16 Dec, 4-6pm.

Franc Meyer - “Cooperative phenomena in functional coordination

chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry

Thorsten Hohage - “Inverse Problems in experimental physics and chemistry

Thomas Weitz - “Cooperativity in organic semiconductors and

van der Waals materials"

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