CORONA information website of the geo-faculty for students

This website publishes faculty information for students concerning the Sars-CoV-2/Covid-19 situation (in chronological order - latest post appears first).

New regulations for the faculty's library, the map collection, student workspaces incl. CIP-Pool starting on Oct 12, 2020 (Oct 08)
Detailed Information and regulations can be found HERE.

Partly updated: PhD thesis defense in presence and virtually at the Geo faculty (Oct 10)
The regulations of the faculty for thesis defenses in presence (UPDATE) that are valid until further notice can be found HERE.
The regulations of the faculty for virtual thesis defenses that are valid until further notice can be found HERE.
Please also note the Covid-19 information website of GAUSS.

Extended opening of the faculty's library starting on June 15, 2020 (June 11)
Detailed Information and regulationsn can be found HERE.

PhD thesis defense in presence and virtually at the Geo faculty (April 22)
See updated information at the Oct-10 post!

Key competency credits for social engagement to cope with the corona crisis (April 01)
A number of students from our faculty seem to be socially involved in the current situation to deal with the corona crisis.

Digital (additional) content/offers of the university's main library (SUB) (March, 24)
Additional offers SUB 1
Additional offers SUB 2
Digital media of the SUB

Financial emergency due to loss of part-time jobs as result of the current coronavirus related restrictions? (March, 23)
The "Studentenwerk Göttingen" offers aid for students. More information HERE!

Access to buildings of the faculty (March, 18)
Closed until further notice!
Access only with keys or entitled employee ID cards.

Geoscience museum (March, 17)
Closed until further notice!

Regulation about examinations ( (March, 16)
All examinations (whether in person or not) will initially be suspended until 20 April 2020.

For exams where you don’t attend in person (e.g. termpaper, BA/MA-theses), this means that all current processing periods are initially extended by the period of suspension:

  • current due date 16/03 -> new due date 20/04
  • current due date 17/03 -> new due date 21/04
  • current due date 18/03 -> new due date 22/04

(=new due date = current due date +35 days)

Please find further university-wide regulations on the suspending of exams on

Face-to-face advice and office hours (March, 16)
(Largely) Closed until further notice!
The university staff has been requested to continue their work at the "home office". Therefore, in most cases the best way to contact them is by e-mail.

Faculty's library, map collection, students' study rooms (March, 16)
Closed until further notice!
There are no reminder fees at the moment.

Click here for the Sars-CoV-2/Covid-19 information website of the university's presidential board