SFB 1073 Atomic scale control of energy conversion
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Prof. Dr. Christian Jooss
Institute of Materials Physics

SFB 1073 Office
Georg-August University
Carmen Kaspar
Friedrich Hund Platz 1
37077 Göttingen
phone: 0551-39-9731
Fax: 0551-39-5000

DFG klein
CRC 1073 funded by DFG

SFB 1073 Atomic scale control of energy conversion


The goal of the CRC 1073 is an improved atomic-scale understanding of the elementary steps of energy conversion in materials with “tunable excitations and interactions”. In order to gain control of the elementary energy conversion steps, we have chosen to work with materials systems where excitation spectra and excitation interactions can be tuned by materials design or by active control. We focus on three materials classes which have demonstrated promising potential for tunability: complex oxides, nanocomposites, and molecular metal complexes.
Three focus groups constitute the intellectual landscape and working organization of the CRC: “Path to equilibrium”(Projects A), “Conversion of optical excitations” (Projects B) and “Photon- and electron-driven chemistry at interfaces”(Projects C).
Studies within the proposed CRC exploit some of the most advanced experimental methods currently available including in-situ atomic resolution microscopy, molecular beam techniques, and ultrafast microscopy, diffraction, and spectroscopy. The experimental projects are complemented by the development of theoretical approaches to describe fundamental excitation and relaxation processes. The long term goal of the proposed CRC is to develop control tactics to steer energy conversion via tunable excitations and interactions and finally to use our understanding of successful control tactics to offer scientific guidelines for the engineering of new energy conversion solutions.